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9/19/16 @ Radio Bar.

Oakland, Cal.

“People right now are having to drive all the way out to San Francisco for this vibe. But why? What they're doing here is dope. I hope they keep it up! Oakland and the rest of the East Bay absolutely needs this!”, says Kissy Jones, a Chef by profession who works and lives in the Oakland area. Radio is her weekday dwelling place of choice on Mondays, due to the drink specials and good company; today however, she was met with an additional surprise when she stumbled into a Techno Awakening event thrown by Kruz’N Geisha at Radio Bar. “I’m really diggin the vibe here, it’s dancy and people just want to have a good time. This is my new spot!”, she continues. The resident Dj line up helped fill the house. Donovan Vega started off the night with some house infused techno that set the tone for the entire night. His set was lively, vibrant and upbeat and had the dance floor going steady! Waizu followed after with a set that gave the dance floor a bit of grittiness and tension. He increased the pulse of the night and turned up the temperature to a boil for sure and by the end of the night the dance floor was set ablaze! Paulo Nicolas closed it out with some of that dark techno reminiscent of after hour nightclubs deep in Germany. For good people, good drinks and amazing dance music, come visit Techno Awakening at Radio bar. If you make it for their next event, Monday September, 19th, I promise you won’t regret it. You just might stumble onto your new "go to" party spot!"


8/22/16 @ Radio Bar.

Oakland, Cal.

"The roaring sound of techno music thumping throughout the halls of Radio was once again met with excitement and joyful bliss! “We’re visiting all the way from London, and we found out about this event and just had to go!”, says Valerie Svetka from the UK. Her and her friends decided to travel abroad to enjoy the sunshine coast and wanted to extend their weekend with a bit of techno naughtiness. “You don’t know how awesome this music is making my friends feel right now!”, she continues as the roaring sound waves pulsated deep into the night. Paulo Nicolas started his set with an upbeat feel good track from Alan Fitzpatrick called “We Do What We Want” released from Alan’s new label, We Are The Brave. The musical journey progressed into the night, getting deeper and deeper by the track and ultimately taking the crowd into the deepest darkest swallows of the techno church called “Techno Awakening”. With tracks such as “Rivington” from Layton Giordani released on Drumcode A-Sides and Dubfire’s and Oliver Huntemann’s collaborated track with Joseph Capriati called “Terra” from the label Senso Sounds, the dance floor was at a steady boil by the end of the night!  If you needed a cool down, folks could take advantage of the drink specials by texting TECHNOAKLAND to 67076 and showing the barman the text response or by showing the event flyer. So for an escape from the ordinary, mundane and drab monotony of the top 40 masses, come down to Radio for Techno Awakening to get your fill. It might be time to finally investigate what you’ve been missing".



Oakland, Cal.

"Start your week off right! Kruz 'N Geisha is proud to bring you Bandwidth Techno Awakenings once again at Radio Bar, in Oakland.  On the first and second to the last Monday of the month be prepared to roar techno late into the night. With resident DJ's Paulo Nicolas and more. I promis you'll be soaking in tasty techno grooves all night long.  

Oh yes, and don't be surprised when the party continues into the morning with an exclusive invite to a Kruz' N Geisha after hours events at a secret location!

More details to follow.  In the meantime, see you there"!!!



Shout out to our sponsors:



4/4/16 @ Radio Bar.

Oakland, Cal.

“So that was a weekend that I can't imagine can ever be repeated. It seems like everything that could of happen at kg premier event, did happened. San Francisco pay attention,

Monday is now a day of recovery from the drama and ridiculousness of the city and weekend… I walked in the door, was promptly hugged, handed a hat that says

" Groove & Energy & Love" and greeted with this salutation "Welcome home!”.

- Scott Dervaes


Amidst the dark underground backdrop of deep red Japanese lanterns and autonomous dancing lights, a little dark dive bar in Oakland bellowed a thumping musical sound unfamiliar to those residents to the local area. Sounds of which are usually found in exotic night clubs like Club Space in Miami, Club Amnesia, in Ibiza Spain or Club Berghain in Germany usually indicative of long lines and parties till 10am in the morning.

The big difference here is that we’re definitely not in a nightclub and we’re certainly not

in Ibiza, Spain.


Radio Bar (off 13th and Franklin St) on most nights, is well known for being a neighborhood bar with good bartenders, stiff drinks, and nearby locals. But on every first Monday night of the month, it seems to turn into somewhat of a phenomenon. A relatively new event promotions company, Kruz N’ Geisha Promotions, calls the event “Bandwidth” and aims to bring some of the energy from those exotic locations and inject it into the local Oakland musical scene. “We believe that there’s a lot of people that have traveled abroad, have experience these parties and have fallen in love with them. We want to connect with those folks and let them know there is a home away from home here in the Bay Area”, says Alejandra Martínez, a representative from the event company. And it seems she’s not the only one that believes in this. Such is the case with San Francisco resident, Scott Dervaes, who traveled via BART under the bridge just to get a fix of the scene.  For those up for some good energy, stiff drinks, some dancey vibes and a little bit of love on Monday Nights, you might want to stop by Bandwidth at Radio every first Monday of the month. Some of you just might feel a bit like Scott...  and a little like home.




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